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Setting the Standard

Big Daddy Games is setting the standard in the video game industry. Our games are detail oriented and performance driven. Our onsite technical and support staff provides the ability to offer a quality and operator friendly video game solution for your business.


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Our Background

Big Daddy Games, LLC is a privately-owned company founded by sole owner Eric Jacobson. The company was founded with a clear mission of becoming the leading manufacturer of proprietary games and systems in the coin-operated industry. Our products include the latest designed software, printer and game related support systems, including our patent pending Big Daddy Bucks Player Awards, and a variety of popular cabinet styles.

Our staff has decades of experience in the amusement and gaming industry, and it is comprised of employees who specialize in software engineering, cabinet production, and technical service. The staff sees our products through the entire production cycle, from conception to product development and finally through to service and support. All of our software is tested to ensure the highest quality performance and experience for our customers.

Big Daddy Games is dedicated to working in partnership with industry and government standards to fulfill our commercial and regulatory responsibilities. However, operators must be aware of the laws governing their jurisdictions. At Big Daddy Games, we constantly strive to create new and innovative products, enter into new markets, and address the needs and concerns of our customers.